Thales hook up the latest space agency agreement

The Australian Space Agency signed a collaboration agreement with French communications and defence company Thales this week, one of numerous such agreements with nations, states and international and local space industry leaders signed by the young agency.

Agency boss Dr Megan Clarke (pictured) has been acive signing alliances and said its new agreement with space and defence giant Thales will further strengthen Australia’’s international space connections and create more local jobs.

Industry minister Karen Andrews said the agreement of strategic intent and co-operation with Thales was another step in the federal government’s plan to create opportunities for Australian industry.

She aid: “Engaging with big international players like Thales will allow Australian businesses, including our advanced manufacturers, to carve out a place in the international space supply chain.

“Space is very much an international game and for Australia to succeed we need to play to our strengths and have our businesses and researchers working co-operatively.”

Like most of the agreements to date there was little detail in the announcement of the hook up with Thales.

The statement was designed to mutually identify key areas of investment as well as potential research, development and commercial opportunities.

Chief executive of Thales Australia Chris Jenkins said: “Together, Thales and the Australian Space Agency can build and develop the Australian workforce and SME sector to meet the future needs of the growing space economy.”

The Australian Space Agency has signed agreements with major international companies such as Boeing, and Maxar Technologies, local businesses such as EM Solutions, satellite communications company Myriota, and XTEC Ltd.

One agreement that focused on a clear outcome was that with US space agency NASA, with that body’s Moon to Mars mission the focus.

An agreement signed with Canberra space, communications and defence company Electro Optic Systems (ASX: EOS) was a little more specific on intent.

EOS Space Systems will establish further laser ranging sensors across Australia to increase the volume of space objects they track from 10,000 to 100,000 each week.


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