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Tradiebot announces new CEO

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Automotive and trades-focussed software company Tradiebot Industries has announced a new CEO, with co-founder and former CEO Mario Dimovski shifting his focus to growing the company in North America.

Dr Nikola Rendevski is the new CEO at the company, which he has been since its beginning four years ago.

Dimovski said of Rendevski in a statement that, “His experience, and exemplary record of hard work and dedication to the Tradiebot Industries team has revealed new and exciting opportunities to achieve our driving initiative, which is to become a leading provider of VR/AR Immersive Training Solutions.

“Led by Dr. Rendevski, I strongly believe that our Tradiebot Industries team will be instrumental in creating the next-generation global standards in AR/VR training and immersive environment assessment.”

Tradiebot has pursued projects including robotic automotive repairs in collaboration with Swinburne University, and was formed in 2017 to apply Industry 4.0 methods to the vehicle industry for both repair and training.

Rendevski said that the company had achieved worldwide recognition for its immersive solutions.

We are part of the AR and VR training of many Fortune 500 companies and the interest for our solutions is growing exponentially,” he said. 

“I see this opportunity as my highest career achievement, but also the most exciting challenge I have ever had.”


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