Travelan sales grow on travel bug fears

Pharmaceutical company Immuron Inc has announced strong sales growth of its Travelan product for the prevention of travellers’ diarrhoea.

The company reported Travelan sales were up in all markets with sales in the first half of the year rising 55 per cent to $1.7 million.

Sales growth in Australia where the product is being advertised by Chemist Warehouse was 33 per cent, and in the United States, 39 per cent.

Immuron’s Travelan is a non-absorbable, safe product which is composed of anti-bacterial antibodies that work on the gut immune system.

CEO Gary S. Jacob said: “We will continue to focus on increasing consumer awareness of the brand, particularly in North American markets.

“We look to expand the market for this important health care product.”

Immuron is seeking FDA registration for Travelan as a drug to prevent diarrhoea.

In October @AuManufacturing reported that Immuron had received a $5.5 million grant from the US Department of Defence to develop Travelan as a preventative medicine for E-Coli and Campylobacter bacteria.

The company is working with another US army group, the Walter Reed Institute of Research, to develop a treatment for Shigella.

Picture: Chemist Warehouse

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