Zoono cleans up with $33 million deal in US

Antimicrobial agent manufacturer, Zoono Group (ASX: ZNO) has signed a distribution agreement that will see it supply up to $33 million of its products to car care company Turtle Wax in the United States.

The company announced it had signed a distribution agreement with US-based MicroSonic, which has developed a propriety antimicrobial system based on Zoono technology.

In an agreement that will see it reap steadily rising prices over a 10 year period, Zoono will supply its Z71 Microbe Shield to MicroSonic for the automotive and cruise ship sectors.

The deal is significant for Zoono which booked sales of only $741,000 in the latest quarter to the end of March.

Zoono managing director, Paul Hyslop said: “This agreement again demonstrates the versatility of Zoono’s antimicrobial product with additional industries being able to benefit from its effectiveness.

“Testing and trials are being undertaken with other potential partners in multiple industries and we hope to announce these agreements as they come to fruition.”

Zoono recently signed a distribution agreement with Z Factor Ltd which plans to supply the poultry industry.

Zoono’s business is based on a patented polymer which forms a barrier layer on surfaces such as machines, walls and hands when applied as a spray, foam or wipe.

The Microbe Shield surface is positively charged and attracts pathogens, which are negatively charged. When living cells strike the surface they are ruptured

The Microbe Shield layer ruptures living cell walls mechanically on contact, and remains effective for up to 30 days.

Australian-listed Zoono is headquartered in New Zealand and manufactures in NZ and the United States, distributing in 42 countries.

Picture: Zoono consumer products

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