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$108 million awarded to wood processing businesses

Manufacturing News

Federal assistance has been awarded to 34 timber manufacturers under the Accelerate Adoption of Wood Processing Innovation grants program, supporting projects including for activated carbon production, packaging, and construction materials.

Grants are between $1 million to $5 million, distributed from 2022-23 to 2025-26, and support up to 40 per cent of total project costs.  A total of $108 million was awarded. (A list of recipients is reproduced below.)

MP for Lyons Brian Mitchell said the program would stimulate investment in manufacturing lines and innovation, helping diversify domestic products, and would “enhance the forestry industry’s ability to supply more of Australia’s wood demands into the future.

Announcing recipients on Thursday at Launceston, federal forestry minister Murray Watt said that the industry was important “for communities around the country, but particularly here in Tasmania,” and that the grants “are about creating more long-term jobs” within it.

“A total of 34 grants will be made, selected by an independent panel, including funding for 4 projects involving First Nations organisations, enabling the use of sustainably sourced timber from traditional lands.”

Value-add in agriculture, forestry and fisheries is one of the seven priority sectors identified for the federal government’s National Reconstruction Fund.

Hyne & Son Pty. Limited QLD $5,000,000
Timberlink Australia Pty Limited TAS $5,000,000
Capital Battens Pty Ltd ACT $4,985,250
Wesbeam Pty Ltd WA $4,486,478
Wespine Industries Pty Ltd WA $3,509,857
Western Junction Sawmill Pty Ltd TAS $1,984,000
XLAM Australia Pty Ltd VIC $5,000,000
A.J. Forster Pty Ltd SA $1,421,112
AKD Queensland Pty Ltd QLD $5,000,000
Kennedy’s Classic Aged Timbers Pty Ltd QLD $1,654,285
NSFP Southwood Pty Ltd TAS $4,957,570
Duncan’s Holdings Ltd NSW $3,253,890
Gidarjil Development Corporation Limited QLD $3,217,000
Mareeba Sawmills Pty Ltd QLD $1,793,640
Tilling Timber Proprietary Limited NSW, VIC, QLD $4,495,583
Dyna Group Australia Pty Ltd QLD $1,194,186
Highland Pine Products Pty Limited NSW $4,019,325
Whiteheads Timber Sales Pty Ltd SA $3,947,225
Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation (trading as DJAARA) VIC $1,441,915
Parkside Building Supplies Pty. Ltd. QLD $3,480,000
Superior Wood Pty Ltd QLD $4,200,000
Worldwide Truss & Frames Pty Ltd WA $2,370,157
AKD NSW Pty Limited NSW $5,000,000
Mcdonnell Industries Pty. Ltd. SA $4,005,687
KSI Sawmills Pty. Ltd. SA $1,440,000
Weathertex Pty Ltd NSW $2,400,000
AKD Victoria Pty Ltd VIC $2,556,000
Dindas Australia Pty Ltd QLD $1,049,100
Albert Johnson Pty Ltd NSW $1,994,544
Bedford Phoenix Incorporated NSW $3,140,000
CLTP Panel Products Pty Ltd TAS $2,070,000
Project.E Pty Ltd NT $5,000,000
Stronach Industries Group Pty Ltd TAS $1,000,000
Ashborn Pty Ltd SA $2,709,941

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