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Our mission is to extend the reach and influence of the views of our 13,500 manufacturer members through curated news, commentary and analysis.

The website features the views of real Australian manufacturers, thought leaders and commentary from editors Peter Roberts and Brent Balinski. With more than 50 years shared experience in industry reporting we bring you what is really happening in Australia’s $100 billion a year manufacturing sector.

Unlike our competitors, this site contains no paid content masquerading as ‘editorial’ – only genuine news and views of those at the manufacturing coalface.

Our stance is optimistic, positive and forward-looking. Australian manufacturing has been reborn after decades of restructuring as a vigorous, innovative contributor to the economy.

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Peter Roberts and Brent Balinski

Australian Manufacturing Forum Editor Peter Roberts

PETER ROBERTS, editor at large:

Peter Roberts is a leading journalist, editor and company networking expert. In a forty year career in business journalism he worked mainly for the Australian Financial Review group in Australia and Asia. Peter was senior industry writer and daily columnist for the AFR, managing editor of BRW magazine and managing editor of Fairfax Business Media’s Asian IT magazine group based in Singapore. Peter has launched business magazines in South-East Asia, India, China, New Zealand and Australia. Peter also founded a start-up online procurement service and served on the board of Australia’s premier private-sector funder of research into innovation, the Australian Business Foundation.

‘Less than spectacular’​ – The Australian
‘A high tech apologist of the worst kind’​ – federal science minister, Peter McGauran
‘An individual venting bile that made no valuable contribution to anything’​ – Mark Paterson, secretary Department of Innovation Industry Science and Research
‘A constant critic of government’​ – federal industry minister, Nick Minchin’.
“He tried his best” – Kim Carr, federal industry minister.

Australian Manufacturing Forum Editor Brent BalinskiBRENT BALINSKI, editor:

Brent Balinski, co-founder and editor, @AuManufacturing 

Brent Balinski finished a journalism degree in 2006 and has had a passion for manufacturing since he began writing about it in 2012.

His work has appeared in titles including Engineers Australia’s create title, AMT Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald and Manufacturers’ Monthly, where he was assistant editor. He has also served as a copywriter and media consultant for a collection of mainly industrial clients over the years.

Brent co-founded @AuManufacturing – a  website, newsletter and community – in late-2018, and it has been his focus ever since.