The Australian Manufacturing Forum and @AuManufacturing have teamed up with trusted partners to offer members and readers access to a range of value-added services.

From government grants available to SMEs, to buying and selling your business, we know from long collaboration that our partner providers can, and have helped, our SME members in a process of trust and integrity.

If you or your company are interested in these recommended services, please contact Editor at large Peter Roberts via the form for an initial discussion and referral to the appropriate partner.

Accessing the federal government’s SME recovery loans – SMERL3

To assist SME’s deal with the effects of Covid-19 the federal government in conjunction with lending institutions have been providing government backed loans under its SMEREL3 scheme.

The institutions have been providing government backed loans of between 50 per cent and 80 per cent of the amount drawn.

In August Treasurer Josh Frydenberg amended SMERL3 to include any entity that was Covid affected, in any way – it is up to the entity to declare the way Covid-19 affected them.

With the government now guaranteeing 80 per cent of the banks’ exposure, the banks have loosened up the purse strings and SMERL3 is open to manufacturers up until 31st December, 2021.

@AuManfacturing’s value-added partners can help you access SMERL3.

The funds can be accessed to:

  1. Refinance existing Debt
  2. Repay ATO Debt
  3. Repay directors loans
  4. Acquire assets (P&E or commercial property)
  5. Working Capital.

It cannot be used to on lend monies within the Corporate Structure and it cannot be used for the Purchase of Residential Property.

Additionally, the loan must be approved by 31st December 2021, and drawn by 31st March 2022.

Interested in Selling Your Business?

The Australian Manufacturing Forum has been approached by a number of investors keen to acquire Australian manufacturing businesses. As part of the Forum’s value-adding services we are able to arrange a confidential, no-obligation discussion with our partners should you wish to explore selling your business.

Arrange a confidential, no-obligation discussion.

@AuManufacturing and Cahoots launch video service aimed at a streaming TV series.

@AuManufacturing news has launched a dedicated video channel, and along with its partners an ambitious venture aimed at developing a television program showcasing Australia’s manufacturers.

How It’s Made – Australia is a new multi-media video series showcasing the very best Australian manufacturing has to offer.

Presented in association with producers Cahoots and business news network AusBiz, How it’s Made – Australia follows the success of programs such as the Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made television series, now in its 32nd season.

The Australian Manufacturing Forum, @AuManufacturing and our partners are offering manufacturers the chance to work with us on video presentations of their manufacturing operations that will reach a qualified online audience of tens of thousands.

Videos will be published on @AuManufacturing news website, newsletter and social networks, David Koch’s AusBiz network and on our YouTube channel.

Produced by our partner Cahoots, each five to seven minute video segment will include location footage, graphics and scripted narration.

How it’s Made – Australia segments will be further developed into a regular series aimed at Australian television audiences.

Defence sector grants

Following recent changes to federal government policy there are two particularly attractive grant opportunities available for Australian manufacturing SMEs, that offer a massive government subsidy to participants:

Expert Advisory – assistance on marketing plans, sales plans, accessing new clients, improving operational efficiency and delivery performance, Agile, sales training, engaging with primes, AS9100, Cyber Security, Project Management, Digital Manufacturing, Industry 4.0.  Government grant will provide 80 per cent of Advisory Costs.

Capital Equipment – Government grant can provide 50 per cent of costs associated with purchasing new equipment to service the defence market.

Full Details:

The Australian Manufacturing Forum’s partners can help your business navigate these complex programs and secure government assistance.

Want to maximise your R&D tax benefit?

The Australian Manufacturing Forum has been approached by a number of companies struggling to identify RDTI eligible R&D activities and expenditure.

As part of the Forum’s value-adding services we are able to arrange a confidential, no-obligation discussion with our partners who can help maximise your benefit. We can introduce you to leading R&D tax specialists and value-added partners of @AuManufacturing, who can work with you to identify potential tax benefits under the R&D Tax Incentive (RDTI), and maximize your claims.

Our partners were consulted in the design of the RDTI, prior to its launch in 2011, and remain in constant contact with government policy makers, including the latest revisions and relaunched scheme in July 2021.

They work with Australian companies to:
– Identify RDTI eligible R&D activities and expenditure
– Prepare and maximise legitimate RDTI claims
– Manage RDTI compliance reviews and audits

Find out how to maximise your R&D benefits.

Switch to renewable power? Here’s how.

The Australian Manufacturing Forum has been approached by a number of members looking to reduce their energy consumption and cut their carbon footprint.

As part of the Forum’s value-adding services we are able to arrange a confidential, no-obligation discussion with our experienced energy consultancy partners. They are a boutique sustainability and energy consultancy which facilitates energy efficiency, local renewable generation and storage, and offsite retail renewable power purchase agreements for manufacturers.

Our partners can talk you through how to develop business-case-led sustainability initiatives, delivering commercially-attractive business solutions which help cut energy costs and improve sustainability performance, while also helping manufacturers manage climate change transition and physical risks.

Our partners are technology- and vendor-agnostic. They do not take commissions or success fees when negotiating supplier agreements on behalf of our customers.

To start your sustainability journey, contact Australian Manufacturing Forum founder and Editor at large Peter Roberts.

For more information about @aumanufacturing’s Value Added Services,
contact Editor at large Peter Roberts.

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