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$15 million announced for 10 recycling projects in Victoria

Manufacturing News

A combined $15 million in state and federal grant funding for ten recycling projects was announced on Thursday, supporting reprocessing of materials including organic waste and plastics.

The funding is made up of $11.26 million from the Circular Economy Organics Sector Transformation Fund and $3 million from the Victorian Circular Economy Recycling Modernisation Fund (both programs are joint state/federal funded) as well as $1.175 million from the Victorian government’s Circular Economy Infrastructure Fund.

According to Sustainability Victoria, the projects will create 190 jobs during construction and 75 in their operational phase.

The list of grant recipients is reproduced below.

Central Gippsland Regional Water

Project: Scale up an existing organic waste processing facility to enable additional diversion of wastes from landfill

Funding: $4.8 million

Cleanaway Solids Waste Pty Ltd

Project: Upgrade Thurla transfer station to a composting facility that will process local FOGO waste

Funding: $1.9 million

Sacyr Environment Australia Pty Ltd

Project: Upgrade equipment at the Dandenong facility to improve product quality and reduce contamination

Funding: $1.5 million

Pinegro Products Pty Ltd

Project: Upgrade Mt Wallace facility to accept Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) waste

Funding: $1.1 million

Ileowl Pty Ltd (trading as Greenchip Recycling)

Project: Build infrastructure capable of value-adding to fines produced in current composting operations

Funding: $700,000

Manningtree Corporation Pty Ltd

Project: Expand capacity at Elmore Compost and Organics facility

Funding: $375,000

Swan Hill Rural City Council

Project: Expand the council’s existing open window composting facility to an in-vessel facility

Funding: $961,400

IQ Renew Pty Ltd

Project: Victoria Soft Plastics Engineered Commodity (SPEC) Project

Funding: $3 million

Upcycled Building Materials Australia Pty Ltd

Project: saveBOARD, making construction products from liquid paperboard and plastic packaging

Funding: $1 million

Manningtree Corporation Pty Ltd

Project: BioChar Elmore – Reducing Organic Waste to Land Fill

Funding: $175,000

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