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$24 million in federal/state grants announced for recycling projects in NSW

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Grants totalling $24 million have been announced for recycling projects in NSW, increasing overall recycling capacity in the state by a claimed 120,000 tonnes annually.

The Remanufacture NSW projects offer co-funding under infrastructure and trial streams, with infrastructure grants making up $22 million of the total. Grants were joint-funded by the NSW and federal government (through its Recycling Modernisation Fund), with an industry contribution of $59 million.

A total of 22 grants were awarded, 18 for infrastructure.

“This funding and these new projects will help to boost our existing recycling capabilities, supportive innovative re-use of recycled materials and boost NSW’s recycling capacity,” said NSW environment minister Matt Kean on Monday.

“The materials to be recycled are those impacted by Australia’s world leading ban on the export of waste glass, plastic, tyres and paper which are gradually being phased in until mid-2024,” added federal assistant minister for waste reduction Trevor Evans.

Infrastructure stream grants include for the below factory upgrades:

  • $553,608 to Brickwood, enabling it to introduce up to 30 per cent of recycled HDPE plastic into their milk and juice bottles;

  • $228,265 to NSW Glass Recyclers, leading to “annual glass crushing capacity [increasing] from the current 11,000 tonnes per year to 16,000 tonnes per year of glass fines from municipal kerbside services and commercial plate and laminate glass from businesses in the Mid Coast region”;

  • $762,000 to Vinidex, allowing it “to source and process an additional 3000 tonnes of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and high volume high-density polyethylene (HDPE) recyclate materials and taking installed processing capacity to 7000 tonnes”; and

  • $492,200 to VIP Packaging, to help install 15 blending machines, allowing a targeted 30 per cent increase in recycled post-consumer high volume high-density polyethylene (HDPE) into new packaging for personal care products.

A full list of projects supported can be seen here.   

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