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$260,000 awarded to medtech partnership between University of Melbourne and Bendigo Health

Manufacturing News

The Victorian government-funded Australian Medtech Manufacturing Centre is supporting a $260,000 partnership between the University of Melbourne and Bendigo Health, aiming to accelerate development of products.

In an announcement on Thursday, the Victorian government said it was the first time the $20 million program had funded a partnership in a regional location and followed previous partnerships leading to the creation of innovations such as the ‘McMonty by MediHood’ (pictured), a personal ventilator hood for hospital beds.

“Our regional clinicians understand the unmet health needs of our community and this collaboration offers the chance to translate their ideas into practical care solutions,” said Doctor Angela Crombie, Bendigo Health’s Director of Research and Innovation. 

The program would link clinicians, researchers, engineers and manufacturers in support of medtech projects across the hospital, and be fully run by Bendigo Health after 12 months.

Picture credit: University of Melbourne

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