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RapidAIM IoT sensors destined for the orchard

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Agribusiness FMC Corporation and CSIRO-backed start up RapidAIM are to deploy internet of things sensing to monitor insect pests on Australian farms.

The companies will deploy RapidAID’s digital surveillance system linked to FMC analytics in orchards in the Shepparton region of Victoria.

While RapidAIM has focused initially on fruit fly, the collaboration aims ultimately to create an accurate pest detection and forecasting service for several key pests and crops across Australia.

Under the agreement, RapidAIM will provide its patented smart sensors in a network of instrumented and wirelessly connected traps which remotely and effectively detect insect pests in the orchard in real time.

While other systems utilise camera monitoring, RapidAIM’s sensors are able to determine the insect pest by their behaviour, and send information to the cloud and ultimately a farmer’s phone using a low-powered radio antenna.

By aggregating this real-time data combined with machine learning, RapidAIM will deliver state-of-the-art regional pest forecasts for incorporation into FMC’s Arc farm intelligence application.

RapidAIM CEO Dr Nancy Schellhorn said: “We believe that the future of agriculture lies in targeted crop protection based on comprehensive, digital pest monitoring and forecasting.

“Together with FMC, we’re helping growers in Shepparton, and soon the world, take the guesswork out of crop protection and focus their efforts where it matters most.”

RapidAIM Pty Ltd was supported by CSIRO’s Australian national science and technology accelerator, ON.

Picture: RapidAIM

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