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$65 million in funding announced for federal space programs

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The federal government has announced $65 million in funding to support new launch sites and space flights for the space sector.

Prime minister Scott Morrison (pictured) travelled to Adelaide for the announcement, which detailed ambitions to put an Australian astronaut in space. Also announced were as $32 million in co-funding for projects developing up to three new or existing spaceports or launch sites, and another $32 million to help the Australian Space Agency procure and provide spaceflights and services for the Australian space sector. The latter would aid in flight qualification.

“This co-investment in the development of spaceports makes Australia’s intentions clear – we want to become a launch nation of choice to attract further private sector investment,” said ASA head Enrico Palermo.

“We are already a desirable launch location thanks to a range of factors, including our unique geographic perspective and political stability – this investment will cement that reputation.”

Southern Launch welcomed the news, saying it “broadcasts to the world that Australia is serious about a vibrant space launch capability.”

CEO Lloyd Damp said, “Today’s announcement of Federal support for the development of space launch facilities, and under the strategic guidance of Mr Enrico Palermo from the Australian Space Agency, accelerates our nation’s ability to become a global leader in space launch activities.”

*Article has been updated

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