A delightful Xmas tale of ‘imported quality’.

Imports are better seems to be an Aussie tradition among some.

But Robyn Sefiani, a successful PR and marketing guru, found this was not the case this Xmas.

Robyn, the Chairman of Sefiani Communications Group just posted:

“This is a story of slick marketing not matching product promise.

My brand new Miele ANZ oven has never worked! It took 2 weeks to get a service technician “between 12 and 5pm”.

“I take half day off work to wait at home. He can’t fix it, orders a part “from Melbourne, could be 10 days”.

“9 days pass, no word from Miele ANZ. I chase. One hour later Miele rings to book service technician with part the next day.

“I take another half day off work to wait. Technician here TWO HOURS and can’t fix the problem (that’s him in the photo) despite numerous calls to Miele experts and pouring over instruction book.

“I say to him “Miele should just give me a new oven”. He says “There’s no guarantee it won’t have problems too”.

“Tells me he has two more service calls that day and it’s now 5pm. Promises he’ll return after those.

“He doesn’t. I call and text. No response. MY OVEN STILL DOESN’T WORK, AND ITS 3 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!

“Help please Sjaak Brouwer (MD Miele Australia). How can I host Christmas without turkey?”

Peter Roberts comments: Service is obviously a major issue here, as is product quality.

How did this manage to leave the factory not working? Surely it was tested?

Then there is the question of where manufactured?

Miele makes its products in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Romania according to Wikipedia.

But not all are made in Miele’s own factories. I understand some are bought from third party suppliers.

There are Australian-made alternatives.

Electrolux manufactures its cooking products in its Adelaide factory.

Picture: Robyn Sefiani

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