A new deal plan for manufacturing – what we have learned from readers by Jon Hayward-Wright

The Australian Manufacturing Forum and @AuManufacturing’s campaign to crowd source a new deal plan for manufacturing post Covid-19 has been overwhelmed with submissions. Jon Hayward-Wright reveals key themes from readers as he leads the task of distilling ideas into a new deal plan. Plus, Jon wants to hear from readers interested to join a small editing team.

The first phase of the Australian Manufacturing Forum and @AuManufacturing’s campaign to crowd source a new deal plan for manufacturing is now in its fourth week and drawing to a close.

Forum members and readers have been encouraged to make submissions and pen opinion articles on their ideas for invigorating manufacturing and restoring its place as central to Australia’s future economic wellbeing.

The response has been nothing short of fantastic!

We have received more than 35 substantial submissions, published 20 opinion pieces and received numerous emails and phone calls – all far higher than the number we first expected. The quality of information and thought has been of the highest order.

The other great aspect of the articles and commentary has been the wealth of specific, practical and constructive actions you have made – you are all ready for fewer words and more action!

To those I have spoken with, thank you for your interest, commentary and most of all support. To those I have yet to talk, please bear with me, we will capture your valuable contribution.

To ensure that your voice is heard at the start of the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission’s review we now need to consolidate, condense and summaries all of the articles, commentary and information into a new deal plan document.

The nature of this task means it is best done by a small team, so if you are able to help contact me at [email protected].

These are the topics that most concern Forum members and readers:

1. Human Capital – Our best asset.

 Education & Skills development – VET-TAFE v Degree and RTO’s
 Underutilised groups across society
 Leadership – Changing the Paradigm’s

2. Energy & Mining – Wasted opportunities

 Sovereign Wealth Fund – oil/gas, minerals?
 Low Cost Green – Energy for Sustainable Manufacturing.

3. Environment – Start slow, win the race

 Recycling of domestic Waste .
 Un-needed levels of secondary packaging
 Advanced Recycling Technology, build it!
 Recycling Industrial Waste

4. Innovation – where are they all?

 Bridging the gaps
 Innovation – R&D – Commercial products – Successful commercialisation
 Learn from others – The UK MTC/Catapult network
 Industrial sponsors
 A new deal on Regulation

5. Trade – Incentives, Tax and Dumping – Follow the money

 Changing the domestic Risk equation – Invest in Future Wealth building manufacturing V Current Wealth sapping property.
 Economic Sovereignty (ES) – Key Competencies & technologies.
 Dumping – How to protect our domestic market?

To ever contributor, commentator and reader please keep the flow going, this campaign will not be a short run journey, it is going to take persistence, determination and a large dollop of patience to have our voice heard.

Then it is over to manufacturing leaders and owners everywhere!

Jon Hayward-Wright is an engineer and lean operations and supply chain expert. Jon has extensive experience in executive roles for companies such as Fonterra, Wyeth, Merck, and Ridley Inc, and has transformed manufacturing operations and supply chains in Australia and Britain.

Picture: Jon Hayward-Wright

@AuManufacturing’s new deal plan for manufacturing is brought to you with the support of Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions

Submissions should be made to [email protected], or by posting on the AMF, while Jon may be contacted via [email protected].

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