A new deal plan for manufacturing – countdown to launch

We are on the countdown to the launch of the Australian Manufacturing Forum and @AuManufacturing new deal plan for manufacturing.

The plan, crowd sourced from readers and Forum members, will be released on Monday and available for download through @AuManufacturing news.

We received close to 50 substantial submissions, numerous emails and phone calls, and hundreds of comments via our social media group that yielded 36 recommendations which will go to the taskforce on manufacturing set up by the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission.

While we cannot say whether any of our recommendations will go through to the government and ultimately become part of Australia’s Covid-19 recovery plan, the voice of our manufacturer community has been heard.

Many of the submissions were published in April and May in @AuManufacturing, however a number simply could not be published because of space, but all were considered by a group of manufacturer volunteers and figure in the final plan.

Make sure to check the final new deal plan for Manufacturing on Monday, and share it with your colleagues and networks.

Here is the list of submissions received:

Roy Green – five building blocks for a new deal plan.
Grant Anderson – a rallying cry to get involved.
Serena Ross – SME experience and Australian Made.
Shay Chalmers – a strategy to support a new era in manufacturing.
Jeff Lang – building blocks for a promising future.
Danny Samson – eight keys to the future.
Tom Kenyon – innovation and bi-partisanship.
Phil Toner – seven areas of policy that actually work.
Alex Kingsbury – supporting a transforming and vital industry.
Aleksandar Subic – six steps to lead the world.
Anna Minns – now is the time for a circular economy in manufacturing.
Tim McLean – where we went wrong and the things that work.
Kerrie Clarke – skills and how Australia can get them.
Sarah Pearson – urgency, collaboration and diversity.
Gary Workman – action to train a skilled Australian workforce.
Rodin Genoff – how clusters will accelerate innovation.
Narelle Kennedy – creating opportunity and capability.
John Blakemore – clever ideas to rebirth the sector.
Phil Hodgson – support for innovation is crucial.
Iain Wicking – technology planning for competitiveness.
Patrizia Torelli – let’s get government procurement right.
Mark Vassella – the view from the CEO seat.
Andrew Stevens – a post COVID-19 reset.
Scott Blakemore – SME leaders need to reskill too.
Brandon Gien – a design-led future for the industry.
Lyn George – how Geelong can show the way.
Lance Worrall – we learned we don’t have an industry policy.
Jon Hayward-Wright – what we have learned from readers.
Barry Alchin – regulatory impediments to manufacturing.
BlockTexx Pty Ltd – opportunities in waste materials.
Ian Brammer – opportunities to re-grow the sector.
Elliot Duff – retaining Australian IP
Karl de Koning – lessons to shape the future.
Bruck Textiles – changes in defence procurement.
John H. Howard – manufacturing for a post-COVID world.
Allen Roberts – the challenge of older workers.
Phillip Haley – cross sector knowledge and skills transfer.
SEEMA – South East Melbourne Manufacturers Association.
Ben Kehoe – innovation in Australia.
Colin Thomas – machine learning the essential capability.
Mary Jardine Clarke – a business development strategy.
Eurotech Australia – accelerate tax write-offs.
Philip Ewen – the elephant in the room is skill.
V.J. Fenwick – price and total cost.

@AuManufacturing’s new deal plan for manufacturing is brought to you with the support of Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions

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