ABT and Glencore to develop heavy vehicle braking system

Vehicle braking system manufacturer Advanced Braking Technology and mining giant Glencore are to jointly develop a heavy vehicle Sealed Integrated Braking System (SIBS) for its Volvo FMX Haul Trucks (pictured).

ABT manufactures a similar FailSafe brake for light commercial vehicles used extensively in the mining sector as well as systems for the Australian army Hawkeye four-wheel-drive protected mobility vehicle.

ABT FailSafe brakes have a single brake rotor and unique grooved brake pads, with the entire brake sitting inside an oil-filled, sealed housing.

Now the companies will develop and test a new heavy vehicle brake with the expectation that low rate production will then allow Glencore to deploy the system across its Volvo fleet globally.

According to a statement: “Further, following successful validation and subsequent period of exclusivity, ABT will offer the product to the global market.”

Development costs are being shared by the two companies, with initial prototypes to be tested by Glencore.

ABT CEO Andrew Booth said the development of a braking solution for heavy ruggedised industrial applications was a milestone in the development of the company.

Booth said: “The signing of this agreement achieves a strategic objective of diversifying our SIBS vehicle type applications in which we provide innovative braking solutions to Glencore and other heavy vehicle fleet operators.”

The value of the development contract to ABT will be up to $2.8 million over 12 months.

Picture: Volvo

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