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ACE EV electric van passes crash test

Manufacturing News

The ACE EV V1 Transformer TC Series electric van has passed its Australian crash test on the way to full availability.

The vehicle, which is being tested as a trolley collector by supermarket Woolworths (pictured), is modified locally on an imported electric chassis.

Offered as a long and short wheelbase version, with high and low roof, and in van and ute options, the Transformer was tested at Crash Lab to demonstrate the EV’s safety in a collision.

Managing director Greg McGarvie said to reach this point there were many layers of complexity, including negotiations to secure vehicles, and navigate the regulatory processes with the expertise of AVCert and GlobalAutoRegs for the homologation process.

NcGarvie said: “Our V1 Transformer now registrable to drive and operate on Australian roads.

“The crashtest demonstrated the energy absorbing crumple.

“After the crash, the doors still open and the windscreen was intact, the dummies had a few bruises from the airbags.

“This a light commercial vehicle that engenders confidence – the V1 Transformer is certain to become Australia’s business on wheels and eventually a mobile energy manager.”

The EV cab chassis is improved locally by secondary manufacturing utilising an advanced composite moulding technology that gives the vehicle configuration flexibility.

McGarvie said the company was ‘taking baby steps’ in terms of local manufacturing.

“ACE EV Group has been in discussions with suppliers, for a range of components, including many Australian made, progressing toward more Australian content, our goal by 2026-27 over 50 percent (Australian content).”

ACE EV holds advanced orders worth $13.6 million, according to McGarvie, of its Transformer and second smaller model, the Yewt.

“The first two years production is overbooked.”

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Picture: Greg McGarvie

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