Adelaide Brighton turns a page to become ADBRI

Construction materials and industrial minerals business Adelaide Brighton is to change its name to ADBRI to better reflect the evolving nature of the business.

Shareholders an the company’s annual general meeting overwhelmingly backed the name change.

While the company retains its SA businesses, including the Birkenhead cement works on Adelaide’s Port River (pictured), which marks a break with its association with its origins as a South Australian cement manufacturer.

Adelaide Brighton originated in 1882 when the Brighton Cement Works was officially opened, commencing the Portland cement industry in Australia.

Chairman Raymond Barro told the meeting that ADBRI reflected the company as a national, vertically-integrated business.

Barro said: “The change of name is appropriate at this point in our growth, to recognise the expanded nature of the enterprise.

“This change to ADBRI Limited will establish a strong national identity for the company, both internally for staff and externally for customers,suppliers and contractors, while retaining a connection to the company’s proud history.”

Barro said the company had not yet been adversely affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, with strong ongoing demand for cement and lime from the mining sector.

“However it is clear that housing approvals are coming off and it is difficult to predict with any certainty how protracted this might be.”

“Government stimulus through infrastructure spend will no doubt provide a boost to demand for construction materials.”

Picture: ADBRI/Birkenhead works

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