Adelaide company to begin production of compostable plastic bags tomorrow

South Australia’s BioBag World Australia will launch production of compostable bags tomorrow, coinciding with the state government’s proposal to ban disposable plastics.

BioBag World Australia – a joint venture between Peakfresh managing director Scott Morton and Norway-headquartered BioBag – will manufacture compostable plastic bags in Netley.

Morton said he welcomed South Australian Environment Minister David Speirs’s Turning the Tide on Single-Use Plastic Products discussion paper last month, and said “All supermarket produce bags could be made in Australia from compostable materials.

“It makes sense to replace single use plastic produce bags with compostable bags made locally that can be recycled along with food waste.”

Only three per cent of plastic bags were being recycled in Australia, and the remainder were sent to landfill or entered the environment. Approximately 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste entered the country’s landfills in 2016 – 17.

“We need to stop creating waste in the first place and maintain resources at their highest value,” said Morton in a statement.

“That’s why compostable is the only real solution.”

According to BioBag World Australia, their products are made of “renewable, organic materials, which break down within about five weeks in a composting environment.”


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