Analysis and Commentary

‘Advanced manufacturing’ should be about people, skills and the environment, not fancy new tech

Analysis and Commentary

By Dr Jesse Adams Stein

Scott Morrison giving a press conference at a Townsville factory, poster that says “If you mess up, fess up” is covered up by a high-vis vest
Image by Matt Roberts

But is manufacturing worth supporting at all?

Industrial craft is part of advanced manufacturing

But isn’t this all out of our control?

Making the most of Australia’s existing strengths

Image source: sonnen
Image from a components manufacturer in SA, showing a warehouse and one worker
Precision Components, CC Credit to Jack Baldwin, The Lead South Australia

Repair, reuse, augment, recreate

a line of repair tools (hand tools)
Image from Phyxter

Skilled workers in a decarbonising economy

A progressive sovereign effort towards sustainable production

Dr Jesse Adams Stein is a Senior Lecturer & ARC DECRA Fellow at the School of Design, UTS.

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Analysis and Commentary

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