Advice to export hopefuls – what have you learned?

Today The Australian reports on the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s push to make exports a state campaign issue, and for the rival parties to pledge $50 m in support for “export-ready” and supply chain development programs.

Buried at the bottom are two pieces of advice from Stephen Tomisich, co-founder and CEO of the highly successful Trajan Scientific and Medical. Tomisich says not every company wanted to export.

“For those that did, he had two pieces of advice,” the article tells us.

“First, it is better to identify and dominate a niche market than capture a small slice of a big market. Second, to understand a market, you must go there to establish a presence on the ground.”

To all the exporters, what are the one or two important pieces of advice you’ve learned about getting started on exports, long regarded as one of the most effective ways to grow Australia’s manufacturing sector?

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