Aicraft launches Pulsar edge computer into space

Edge computing developer Aicraft has announced the successful launch of its first edge computing device, Pulsar (pictured) to space on board the Antaris Inc. satellite JANUS-1.

The company combines expertise in AI, semiconductor technology and power electronics to deliver a range of products that feature high computing capacity and small size, weight and power (SWaP).

Deployed in space, edge computing allows data to be partly processed in orbit, reducing the need for bandwidth to transmit unprocessed data to Earth.

The announcement of the successful deployment was made at a function at Flinders New Ventures Institute before guests from the Australian Space Agency, Defence Science and Technology Group, SmartSat CRC, CSIRO and the SA Department for trade and Investment.

Also involved in the project were ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization, Ananth Technologies, XDLINX Labs, SayariLabs, Transcelestial, ATLAS Space Operations, Inc., SpeQtral, Morpheus Space, and Zero-Error Systems (ZES) Pte Ltd, according to an Aicraft announcement.

Aicraft CEO Dr Tony Scoleri said he was ‘absolutely thrilled’ with the success of the launch, made from an Indian launch centre.

Dr Scoleri said: “Getting to this point was a phenomenal journey for us. The JANUS-1 mission gave us the focus to build an advanced and space-grade AI technology in nine months and provided a springboard for Aicraft to enter the space ecosystem.

“The collaboration with the US-based Antaris Space commenced through their Australian subsidiary company which is also a member of the Aurora Space Cluster, an initiative of SmartSat CRC for startups, and enabled to combine forces.”

Pulsar is claimed to be the world’s fastest and most power efficient edge computing module, enabling seamless execution of both conventional algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models.

The module is easily programmable and can be used in LEO, MEO, GEO and deep space missions.

Picture: SmartSat CRC/Aicraft

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