AIM Defence chosen for Canadian counter-drone exercise


Directed energy and artificial intelligence company AIM Defence has been chosen by the government of Canada to demonstrate its laser system in an international counter-drone exercise beginning in May.  

In a statement on Tuesday, AIM – which bills itself the creator of Australia’s first laser-based counter-drone system – said its Fractl high-power laser system will feature in the 2024 Counter Uncrewed Aerial Systems Sandbox. 

Fractl will be pitted against Canada’s ‘Red Team’ drones in the Sandbox, under Canada’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security program (IDEaS.) 

The company describes Fractl as lightweight, portable and battery-powered, “generating enough energy to burn through steel and [able to] shoot down a drone travelling at 100km/hour — from a kilometre away.” 

Co-founder Dr Jae Daniel said: “Autonomous and remotely-operated attack drones have become a prolific and increasing  asymmetric threat both in conflict zones and to public safety. 

“The Sandbox is an important opportunity  for AIM Defence to demonstrate Fractl’s precision tracking and targeting in a variety of defensive operations.” 

The exercise will run from May 27 until June 21 in Suffield, Alberta and see 15 teams “demonstrate and test their cutting-edge technology in a real-world environment”. 

Participants will include US primes Boeing USA and Leonardo. Australia’s EOS Defence Systems is also among the 15 selected.

It is the first year high-power lasers will be included in the Sandbox exercise, “which is centred on detecting and defeating micro and mini drones. “

Picture: credit Government of Canada

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