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AIP encourages Australians to take part in Quantum Year 2025

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The Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) has invited Australians to join in recognising quantum, a branch of science which “seems mysterious” but underpins much of modern life.

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2025 as the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology on June 7, chosen due to the century anniversary “since the initial development of quantum mechanics”.

“Quantum science is both fascinating and beautiful. It only seems mysterious because it’s far from our everyday experience and intuition,” said Professor Nicolas Menicucci, a quantum physicist at RMIT and Chair of the Australian Institute of Physics’ Quantum Science and Technology Topical Group, in a statement this week.

“During the Quantum Year, we invite all Australians to learn how this fascinating branch of science has transformed our understanding of Nature and the Universe – and how the technologies built on these principles continue to transform our world.”

The statement notes the ubiquity of quantum science in places such as LEDs in homes, lasers that scan groceries in supermarkets, microchips at the heart of every smartphone and computer, in solar panels, and elsewhere.

In the UN’s statement, it says quantum will be a key “cross-cutting scientific field of the 21st century” with tremendous impact on societal challenges highlighted in its 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Australia is, according to the AIP, a frontrunner in developing “new quantum technology that will enhance our lives”, including navigation systems that don’t require satellites, miniaturised sensors for disease detection, monitoring metal fatigue and locating critical minerals, and one day – it’s hoped – useful quantum computers.

Dr Xanthe Croot, a researcher and Lecturer in Quantum Science at the University of Sydney, said, “2025 will be a year where we, as scientists, hope to share and illuminate the beauty of quantum physics, and inspire the public with what new promising technologies quantum physics could enable in the next 100 years.”

Menicucci added that the AIP will hold briefings across the nation, beginning with Canberra and Sydney in July, to do with next year’s events. 

“The AIP will run our own program of events, and we invite museums, artists, media, industry and others to celebrate the Quantum Year in your own unique way – with events… born of your own imagination and excitement about quantum science and technology,” he said.

More information on the institute’s plans will be added to this website closer to 2025. 

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