Akula Tech progresses bushfire monitoring from space


Akula Tech which aims to design and build a constellation of satellites to detect natural disasters and conflicts and analyse the information in space has qualified to join the XPRIZE Wildfire competition’s Space-based Detection and Intelligence Track (Track A).

XPRIZE is a four year international competition to develop and demonstrate fully-autonomous capabilities to detect and extinguish wildfires.

Akula Tech, in partnership with the University of South Australia, Swinburne University of Technology, and AIILA Innovations, is utilising advanced satellite technology and AI to combat the challenge of wildfires.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies in machine learning, AI-onboard image processing, and remote sensing, the consortium aims to provide unprecedented situational awareness and data analysis capabilities to firefighting and disaster management agencies.

CEO of Akula Tech Preetham Akula said: “By integrating sophisticated satellite technology with deep learning and geospatial analytics, we are building a system capable of identifying and managing wildfires more effectively than ever before.

“This effort will not only help in firefighting but also in reducing the devastating impact of wildfires on communities, wildlife, and ecosystems globally.”

The Akula Tech space-based service will provide emergency management services with the ability to track wind directions and temperatures and understand the spread of fires.

Akula Tech leads the project, utilising its satellite technology equipped with continuous on-orbit machine learning capabilities .

University of South Australia specialises in Satellite Remote Sensing and Data Analytics, Swinburne University of Technology offers its expertise in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, while AIILA Innovations brings project management and operational experience from global defence projects.

Picture: Akula Tech

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