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Allied computers to manufacture Google Chromebook internationally

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Adelaide advanced PC maker Allied Corporation is taking its Chromebook manufacturing partnership with Google international.

Allied and Google Education executives last week in Pakistan signed agreements that will see Allied and Google partner with the Pakistan Minister of Education to produce more than 500,000 Google Chromebooks for use in that country’s education system and digital enterprises.

On Thursday 20 June the Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif signed a Letter of Understanding with Google, part of which includes the procurement of an initial 500,000 Allied Chromebooks worth an estimated $200 million.

The deal will see Allied establish local manufacturing in Pakistan to produce the Chromebooks by 2025, making them more affordable for educational purposes.

The goal is to ensure that every student in the country has access to cutting-edge classroom technology, which will enhance their learning experience.

Allied CEO Aron Saether-Jackson said: “This is a significant step for Allied; we already have a global customer base for our PCs and now we enter the global stage as a manufacturer.

“Our commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology positions us well to meet the diverse and evolving needs of Asian consumers, from students and professionals to businesses seeking robust IT infrastructure.

“While there are often questions around Australian manufacturing, at Allied we are showing Australians can produce quality kit and export our knowhow and capabilities.

“There are big opportunities in many Asian centres for not just producing the Chromebook but also providing great PCs and other hardware.”

Allied will also produce and market their high value, high capability PCs for Pakistani gamers in the country, as well as provide new capabilities, technology infrastructure and hardware in Pakistan.

The Pakistan agreement follows an agreement in January for Allied to make Google Chromebook laptops for Australian school students.

The first of these laptops have been used by South Australian students in three pilot programs with local schools.

Saether-Jackson said Pakistan and other Asian economies were investing in digital literacy and connectivity.

“Governments and businesses alike are prioritising the modernization of IT infrastructure, driving demand for high-performance computers, enterprise solutions and capabilities.

“By entering this market, we can tap into a vast pool of potential customers and establish ourselves with our reliable and high performing PCs.”

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Picture: Allied Corporation

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