AMC signs up for guided weapons enterprise

The Australian Missile Corporation has been formally engaged by the Defence Department as one of the inaugural Enterprise Partners for Australia’s planned Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance (GWEO) Enterprise.

AMC is owned by Australian-owned defence manufacturer NIOA to facilitate collaboration between industry, academia, state governments and defence in response to an announcement that $1 billion was available to establish local guided weapons enterprise.

AMC CEO Lee Goddard said the contract signing in Canberra represented an important step for the AMC, supporting the Enterprise, which build enhance Australian self-reliance and supply chain resilience.

The AMC joins two initial Strategic Partners in the programme – Lockheed Martin Australia and Raytheon

Goddard said: “Since May last year the AMC has been preparing for what will be an exciting new era of defence capability.

“This agreement seals the AMC’s commitment to working with defence, industry, and the other GWEO enterprise partners to deliver the GWEO Enterprise objectives across the short, medium and long-term planning horizons.”

Goddard said the AMC’s collaboration platform had grown in recent months to include more than 300 participants from the defence, innovation, academia and government sectors to ensure an Australian-focused, domestic industrial base can be mobilised.

“Since April we have added another 30 participants to the AMC platform who are now connected and committed to the GWEO Enterprise.

“This includes high-capability Australian SMEs and international companies who are at the forefront of world-leading systems and technology solutions as well as leading Australian academic institutions and several state and territory governments.”

Goddard said the war in Ukraine had reinforced how guided strike and defensive munitions are essential in modern conflict.

“In holding back Russia’s push, Ukrainian infantry forces have made effective use of allied-supplied guided weapons, but are challenging US and European GWEO supply chains.”

The AMC has recently embarked upon a recruitment campaign for a range of skilled professionals, from guided weapons engineers to high-tech project managers and logistics specialists.

Picture: AMC/MAJGEN Andrew Bottrell (Head of Land Systems) congratulates Australian
Missile Corporation CEO Lee Goddard.

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