AML3D makes $1m Arcemy 3D printer sale


Additive manufacturing technology company AML3D has sold an enterprise-level Arcemy 3D printing system (pictured) to Curtin University in Perth for $1 million for installation in its new Additive Manufacturing Microfactory Facility.

While the university will use the new wire additive manufacturing (WAM) system to expand its teaching and research activities, AML3D can utilise the system as a demonstration facility for existing and potential customers in mining, oil & gas, and defence maritime sectors.

As part of the sale AML3D will provide the university with three years of software licensing and technical support.

Under a separate agreement AML3D will contibute $100,000 per annum for three years to fund a collaborative research programme at Curtin, supporting a Research Fellow and PhD candidate.

The research will focus on new alloys and materials science, including for defence customers.

AML3D interim CEO Sean Ebert said: “This sale represents AML3D delivering against its strategic objectives and is an excellent opportunity to partner with Curtin to expand the applications for our wire additive manufacturing technology in Australia and globally.”

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Picture: AML3D Arcemy system

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