AML3D sells another large 3D printer to US Navy


Additive manufacturing equipment manufacturer AML3D has announced the sale of an industrial-scale ARCEMY ‘X-Edition 6700’ Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) metal 3D printing system to be located at the US Navy’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM CoE) in Danville, Virginia.

The order, received from AML3D’s value added reseller Philips Corporation, for AML3D’s largest ARCEMY metal 3D printing unit, is valued at approximately $1.1 million1 (US$771,686).

Installation is expected to be completed early in 2024, with payment made in stages, being partly upfront and then on meeting delivery and installation milestones.

AML3D first broke into US submarine construction in February, with the latest sale the second large-scale ARCEMY system to be ordered for US defence needs.

AML3D Interim CEO Sean Ebert said: “We are extremely pleased the US Navy has purchased this ARCEMY X…demonstrating their confidence in our technology and is a validation of our strategic focus on delivering ARCEMY systems to the US maritime and defence industries.

“This follows the order, for the US Department of Defence, of an ARCEMY X early this year and further cements our strategic partnership with the US Navy.

“Our collaboration with Phillips Corp has been invaluable in expanding our presence in the US market and securing this order.”

AML3D’s WAAM 3D printing technologies is one of the easiest to employ in a traditional manufacturing ecosystem as it is an extension of welding deposition, with many of the metal wire feedstocks used already validated and in use in industry.

The company has also carried out extensive work in constructing and validating large sized parts used in the maritime sector, often in association with Adelaide naval shipbuilder BAE Systems.

Phillips Corporation are sourcing the latest ARCEMY X to contribute to the establishment of a US Navy supply chain and industrial base that is resilient, competitive, and sustainable, according to the Adelaide company.

“Specifically, the US Navy’s AM CoE is working to rapidly adopt advanced manufacturing technologies to drive innovation and competitiveness within a sovereign defence and submarine industrial base.”

Ebert said the company continued to actively engage with partners to further deepen its presence in the US defence and federal sectors, which will drive further growth in sales.

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