AML3D wins US submarine 3D print contract


Additive manufacturing machinery and technology company AML3D has won a $2 million contract to 3D print a metal replacement component used in US Navy submarines.

The breakthrough contract is for a high demand non safety critical (NSC) component that is no longer available from traditional manufacturers, creating an opportunity for the company in the US Navy’s Submarine Industrial base.

AML3D has sold two of its Arcemy wire-added manufacturing printers to the US and won R&D contracts, however this is the first production contract for parts to be used in service by the US Navy.

The contract has been signed with BlueForge Alliance, a nonprofit, neutral integrator supporting the strengthening and sustainment of the US Navy’s Submarine Industrial Base, including through the acceleration of Advanced Manufacturing technologies.

The manufacturing contract is valued at $2.02 million, and will run for nine months starting in September, 2023.

The non-safety-critical (NSC) components are high demand components made with Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze (NAB) alloy material, which AML3D has qualified.

The manufacturing contract will allow AML3D to produce complex components to a high quality, exceeding the material strength properties of the equivalent cast parts according to the company.

AML3D Interim CEO Sean Ebert said: “The NSC components manufacturing contract is further evidence of the growing momentum in our US scale-up strategy.

“This strategy is driving the growth of the company and creating value for our shareholders over the immediate term and beyond.”

Ebert said the delivery of these components demonstrated the important role of AML3D’s technology at a time of heightened interest in advanced manufacturing to help meet demand driven by the AUKUS alliance.

“AML3D’s focus is on the US defence, aviation and maritime sectors and the Company is well positioned to access the many opportunities that will be created as a result of the AUKUS Alliance, in the US, Australia and Europe.”

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Picture: AML3D

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