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Ampcontrol’s Solar Cube power system breaks cover

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Newcastle engineering firm Ampcontrol’s CPS National subsidiary has successfully deployed its standalone renewable power system, the Solar Cube, from back of a truck to load ready in just 76 minutes.

Designed for single day commissioning, the Stand Alone Power System (SAPS) is designed to provide a continuous, reliable power supply to an isolated settlement or installation.

The basic system supplies 6.7kW of continuous single phase power with a load peak of 19kW.

SAPS-R systems are available with single of three-phase power providing 8kW, 16kW and 24kW capacity, while larger custom installations are also available.

A collaboration between Ampcontrol and Horizon Power, the Solar Cube includes 10 solar PV panels, inverters and 7.5kW battery storage to provide an environmentally clean, off-grid power source.

The integration of a diesel back up generator ensures the system will always be capable of operating autonomously, protecting against power outages from bush fires, cyclones and other weather events that affect traditional poles and wire connections.

Details of the Solar Cube here.

Picture: Ampcontrol Cube

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