And the winner of the Melbourne Cup was…IoT

By Stuart Corner of IoT Australia

Not exactly, but equinITy Technology, the developer of a horse monitoring system, says its technology was used by trainers of six winners, six second and five third place getters in the Spring Racing Carnival, including the trainer of the Melbourne Cup winner.

According to the company, Danny O’Brien, trainer of Melbourne Cup winner Vow and Declare and Oaks winner, Miami Bound, “confirmed he had been using the technology at his stables.”

“We’ve been using equinITy for over four years and it gives us additional information on the horses health and fitness that would otherwise be impossible to get,” he said.

“The quick analysis of ongoing data has enabled us to make some good calls in the past and gives us an edge against our competitors. It also puts the horse’s welfare at the forefront, and that’s important.”

UK based equinITy says its technology measures heart rate, recovery times, distance, split times, strides per furlong, stride length, speed, location and altitude, and is able to stream to any device in real time, making it easy for trainers anywhere in the world to monitor the performance of their horses.

equinity CEO and co-founder Keith Hanson, said: “not only can equinITy help you understand your horses, it can be the horse’s voice and signal vital changes that aren’t favourable to the race or the horse’s wellbeing.

“The real time views also make it ideal for owners and vets to regularly enjoy more of an understanding about how the horse is performing.”

Stuart Corner is editor of IoT Australia

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