Angela Doyle, WA State Director, AMGC

Our latest Meet a Member conversation is with Angela Doyle, WA State Director at AMGC. She tells us about raising awareness of advanced manufacturing in her state.  

What is your job and who is your company?

I am the Director West (WA) of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Limited (AMGC)

What’s your role and how does it fit into the business/organisation?

My role is to engage with companies, government agencies, research and industry organisations, to help transform Australian manufacturing.

What does your organisation do well? What are your capabilities? What are your ambitions?

AMGC is one of six Industry Growth Centres funded by the federal government, to transform the Australian manufacturing industry so that it is more globally competitive and creates more jobs.
Based on world-class research for Australia, performed by AMGC (The Sector Competitiveness Plan), we communicate that this can be done by creating value and therefore competitive advantages, rather than focusing just on price, through:
– Research and Development
– Design
– Logistics
– Improvements in the production process
– Distribution
– Sales and
– Services
In addition to our research, we provide positive examples of advanced manufacturing through jointly funded commercialisation projects and we develop and grow networks within the manufacturing industry through our membership program. Membership is free and the online form is here and you can see a list of our members and projects here.

What does your personal career path look like? Are there any highlights and/or awards along the way that you’re proud of?
My personal career path is quite varied and yet amazingly always seems to come back to the benefits of science, technology and management. My first career was as a secondary science teacher and then I worked for nearly ten years at Scitech Discovery Centre in Perth encouraging students, teachers and the public to get involved in science and technology. I then worked as the CEO of SIDS and Kids WA where education and support services were based on research.
I had a stint with a manufacturing company in Perth and more recently was a Business Adviser with the Entrepreneurs’ Programme which has been a wonderful preparation for my current role.

What’s a typical day at work look like?

I work with AMGC three days a week, so to achieve all that I do, I need to be focused! No day is the same and I spend most of my time visiting manufacturing companies in Perth, promoting AMGC, supporting co-funded projects, boosting membership, running membership events and reaching out to others interested in advanced manufacturing.

What are some tools/techniques/tactics you use to do your job?

The term and the benefits of ‘advanced manufacturing’ are not well known or understood by most business owners, so I see myself as having a leadership role in the business community to raise awareness of advanced manufacturing. The tools I use to do that are to share AMGC’s research findings on why this is so important, using our case study projects to highlight what advanced manufacturing looks like and how it can be beneficial. I also run member events so that business owners and researchers can become more comfortable with each other and to share the latest in technologies, business processes and business models that companies may
like to consider as part of their manufacturing transformational journey.

Is there an issue in Australian manufacturing that’s not getting enough attention at the moment? Why is it important?

The two main issues that I see manufacturers facing are finding the funding they need for capital expenditure and navigating what is often referred to as the ‘valley of death’ as they seek to commercialise, following the development of prototypes. Skills training is also appearing as an issue as companies embrace new technologies and need to transform their workforce to take on more advanced manufacturing characteristics.

What do you get out of your involvement with the Australian Manufacturing Forum?
I am blown away by the number of quiet achievers that are working away on some amazing products and services right here in Perth. WA is largely dependent on the resource sector and its economy is directly affected when there is a downturn or a boom. This makes running a business and employing people consistently very challenging. Helping companies to diversify and to develop a competitive advantage through advanced manufacturing transformations is very rewarding. It’s a very exciting space to be in and I look forward to continuing to meet and support our local manufacturers in WA and across the country.

Pictured, left to right: Angela Doyle, AMGC Research Director Katie O’Connell, and Matrix CEO Aaron Begley

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