Archer graphite tested in li-ion batteries

Archer Materials has successfully made high-value coated spherical graphite (CSG) from its Campoona graphite mine on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula and tested it in lithium-ion battery prototypes.

The company told investors it had used commercially available amorphous carbon to coat the spherical graphite which was derived from flake graphite mined 220 kilometres north-west of Adelaide.

The CSG materials were characterised by spectroscopy, microscopy and diffraction methods which confirmed the coating process was successful.

The company then utilised the CSG and tested it in anodes in lithium-ion coin cell batteries.

CEO Mohammad Choucair said the material produced was critical to long term economic growth and supply chain security.

Graphite is not currently produced in Australia.

“We have demonstrated high-value graphite materials can be developed from Campoona and are relevant to the growing global markets serviced by lithium-ion batteries, including electric vehicles and portable electronics.”

Choucair said the company would now pursue downstream partnership opportunities with battery manufacturers, graphite processing options, and high value graphene and graphite materials.”

Picture: Archer Materials/coated spherical graphite

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