Archer progresses biosensors for disease detection

Advanced technology developer Archer Materials has developed portable hardware systems to interface with its novel graphene based biosensor which is being developed to detect the presence of disease.

The company created the biosensor components (pictured) using water-based graphene ink printed on a clear substrate with electrodes with micron-scale features.

Archer said in a statement that it has advanced its biosensing interface, date processing and design and fabrication of the electrodes critical to the biosensor function.

CEO Dr Mohannad Choicair said: “We have rapidly advanced from raw material feedstock to prototypes of a portable battery powered sensing device that can incorporate biological material.

“This early stage work has the potential to allow much simpler and more effective sensing where early diagnosis of life-threatening diseases can lead to much improved outcomes.”

The company has also conducted computational chemistry simulations to develop detection mechanisms for specific diseases.

Archer appears to be following a commercialisation strategy of developing the technology to as stage where it is de-risked and could potentially be on-sold.

Its next steps are to develop commercial prototypes of in-vitro biosensing devices to detect multiple diseases.

The company is continuing to pursue patent protections in major markets and identify potential commercial partners with global distribution channels.

Picture: Archer Materials

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