Archer progresses quantum computer measurement

Materials technology company Archer Materials has successfully built its first qubit control device (ESR devices) (main picture) which will be used to measure the quantum information residing on the CQ quantum computing chip the company is developing.

The company also released a high-magnification image of part of the prototype nanoscale device (below), which was created at a semiconductor foundry in Sydney.

The company and its research partners in Sydney claim the measurement system is a world-first and a major step forward in developing its plans for a room-temperature CQ processor.

Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said the first devices would perform initial quantum control measurements.

“Qubit control is explicitly our next big technological milestone.

“…the work would be a major validation, at a relatively early stage of the overall development of a quantum computing processor, of the commercial viability of the CQ chip.”

Quantum computers store and retrieve information at the sub-atomic level as individual qubits, the quantum mechanical analogue of a classical bit.

Archer has previously demonstrated control over large numbers of qubits, but has yet to demonstrate control over a few to single qubits.

“The company’s technology development is currently focused on achieving quantum control of a single qubit.”

Picture: Archer Materials Limited

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