Archer’s strong position in quantum chip and Biochip developments


Microelectronics developer Archer Materials has begun the year in a strong position in its development of a room temperature quantum computing chip and a Biochip capable of detecting multiple diseases.

The company told investors it ended Q2 FY24 with $21.5 million in cash and no debt, and reported progress on its two major projects.

Executive Chairman Greg English said: “Archer continued to develop its two chip technologies, including its CQ quantum processor and Biochip during the quarter.”

The Archer CQ qubit processor chip requires high fidelity control (data input) and readout (data output) to function.

A qubit is the unit of information in quantum computers and counterpart to the bit.

Archer has been focusing on developing several quantum state readout technologies for its chip.

During the quarter the company designed and had fabricated its readout circuits and conducted early-stage measurement on readout devices.

English said: “The team progresses the CQ chip readout capabilities, including starting measurements on Archer designed readout circuits.

“Readout is important for semiconductors as it provides the results for quantum calculations.”

During the quarter the development of reflectometry-based readout was awarded a UNSW Science Translational Impact Seed Funding grant to support R&D.

Archer’s Biochip development aims to integrate graphene field effect transistors (gFETs) to create miniaturised lab-on-a-chip devices for medical diagnostics.

The company has developed new hardware and software systems capable of multiplexing readout – readout was demonstrated of multiple sensors on a single chip.

English said: “The company’s Biochip gFET designs have progressed closer to acting as a ‘lab on a chip’.

“Archer validated its gFET designs through wafer runs with foundry partners in Germany and the Netherlands, and the team was also able to demonstrate multiplexing.

“Multiplexing allows the Biochip to detect multiple diseases at once on one chip.”

Picture: Archer Materials/biochip

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