ARENA backs biosolids waste-to-energy plant in Queensland

A demonstration gasifier project in Loganholme, Queensland has attracted $6.2 million in Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) funding, and will turn sewage sludge into energy and agricultural products.


A statement from energy minister Angus Taylor says the Logan City Council biosolids plant would reduce the amount of sludge produced by roughly 90 per cent at the wastewater treatment site.


“The project will involve construction of a facility where the biosolids are dewatered, dried and treated at high temperatures. Heat created from the process is captured and used in the drying phase,” the statement from Taylor reads.


“It is expected the gasification process will run alongside Loganholme’s existing operation and will reduce the plant’s operating costs by $500,000 each year, as well as creating a new revenue stream from biochar.” 


Biochar (pictured) can be used as a soil conditioner.


There are no details provided in the release on volumes produced or treated, or on the timetable for the plant’s construction.


The announcement follows news earlier this week that ARENA would contribute as much as $9.41 million for a pilot plant at Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant in Western Australia to treat sewage. The plant uses the Hazer process, currently being commercialised by the Hazer Group, to turn biogas into hydrogen and graphite.




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