ARM Hub awarded approved research institute status

Robotics, AI, and design-led manufacturing centre the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Hub has been awarded approved research institute (ARI) status – a first for the Australian manufacturing ecosystem.

ARI approval is awarded by the federal government to not-for-profit organisations undertaking scientific research of value to Australia which had a suitably qualified research committee.

ARM Hub CEO Associate Professor Cori Stewart said: “We are the only independent manufacturing innovation hub in Australia to be granted this status, and it makes us a one-stop-shop for industry’s research and commercialisation needs.

“In addition to our commercial projects, this will allow us to run research programs, including philanthropic research, at ARM Hub and it will really help industry navigate how to get the diverse expertise and the IP and other resources it needs into its digital transformation programs.”

ARM Hub was established in Northgate, Brisbane in 2020, adapting international best practice from the UK Catapult innovation centres and US Manufacturing Institutes to the Australian context.

ARM Hub supports the manufacturing sector to de-risk technology adoption, development, and commercialisation for Australian industry, by drawing together expert scientists, technical specialists, designers, and engineers from its university and CSIRO partner network to develop commercial solutions.

ARM Hub Chair Emeritus Professor Roy Green said ARI status provided ARM Hub with greater credibility and access to expertise, to translate research into commercial applications for Australian manufacturing.

Professor Green said: “I can’t think of another facility in Australia that has ARI status, plus DGR, and is a facility where manufacturers and university meet that is external to a university campus but is in the industry and innovation ecosystem.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for industry to leverage their R&D with the expertise of universities as well as tech companies in a way that is industry-driven, with the guarantee of an autonomous facility that is connected with universities but not necessarily following a university research agenda.”

Dr Stewart said ARM Hub provided industry with an agile, quick capability to run programs.

“But we also can take you on that journey of a longer-term innovation partnership, and conduct research for the TRL ones to twos, right through to TRL eight and nine.”

ARM Hub’s ARI status was also good news for the Hub’s university and research partners, Dr Stewart said.

“Each university has limited access to research programs due to having to prioritise projects, so ARM Hub can now help support industry, with our university partners, to access competitive research programs for strategic projects,” she said.

Picture: Associate Professor Cori Stewart

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