Augmented reality making inroads into creative manufacturing.

Augmented Reality often seems like a gimmick but one company has shown how a very simple application can make a difference in design and manufacturing.
UAP Company, a global creative business that works with artists to manufacture their imaginings, released this video of how AR is fast-tracking fabrication in its Brisbane workshop.
The project, a collaboration with Lendlease due for installation in October, is a sculptural piece for one of the developer’s new properties.
Here Cross Reality Designer Luke Harris marks drill points into the support frame before the fabrication team begins assembling horizontal members to the sculptural piece.
With AR one often thinks of grand, ambitious uses where the technology seems to take over from the real work.
But for a complex and precise fabrication like this art piece, a simple AR application clearly could boost accuracy and quality, as well as saving fabrication time.
Worth a thought…
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Watch the video and join the conversation in the Australian Manufacturing Forum here.

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