@AuManufacturing adds new value-added services


The Australian Manufacturing Forum and @AuManufacturing news today announces an addition to the value-added services services we offer to manufacturers.

We have teamed up with trusted sector partners to provide assistance to companies wishing to access the federal government’s modern manufacturing initiative grants.

We have done this as, like all government grant schemes, the application process can be onerous, and the timeframe for applying is very short.

The Australian Manufacturing Forum and its partners can help your company navigate the grants process and achieve a substantial grant to further your business aims.

Applications are currently open for Food and Beverage (until April 27) and Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing (until April 1.)

Applications will open in coming weeks for grants in two more manufacturing priority sectors –
Recycling and Clean Energy and Defence.

The full list of @AuManufacturing‘s value-added services can be seen here.

They complement @AuManufacturing’s existing business directory which can be viewed here.

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