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@AuManufacturing Conversations episode 18: Peter Mackey from Western Parkland City Authority

Analysis and Commentary

In episode 18 of @AuManufacturing Conversations with Brent Balinski we hear from Peter Mackey, Executive Director, New Education and Training Model (NETM) at the NSW government’s Western Parkland City Authority.

This micro-episode is about micro-credentials. In it Mackey giving an update on the NETM pilot program, which intends to develop 100 micro-credential courses between 2021 and 2025. The 40-hour units are in manufacturing-related skillsets as well as for sectors including agribusiness and logistics.

The episode was recorded during the first day of the Modern Manufacturing Expo, which @AuManufacturing is a media partner of.   

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Episode guide

0:40 – Helping develop the “soft infrastructure of a future city” for Bradfield

1:14 – What are micro-credentials and who are they for?

2:27 – The program and its “flipped,” industry-led model.

4:02 – Face-to-face or mixed, with examples in technical drawing and composite manufacturing.

4:58 – A forty-hour figure and why it exists.

6:10 – A collaborative robot course about to begin, and the adoption of cobots among manufacturers.

7:52 – Possible funding models after government funding for the pilot ends.

9:50 – An upcoming semiconductor design micro-credential and the planned (opening 2026) electronics and semiconductor part of Bradfield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility. 

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