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@AuManufacturing Conversations Episode 20 — David Fox from Western Parkland City Authority

Analysis and Commentary

In episode 20 of @AuManufacturing Conversations with Brent Balinski, we hear from David Fox, Associate Director, Research & Technology at the Western Parkland City Authority.

The episode was recorded on the second day of last week’s Modern Manufacturing Expo, which @AuManufacturing is a media partner of.   

Fox has worked in manufacturing for over 30 years, and was at western Sydney pressure vessel manufacturer LA Services for 16 years, finishing as General Manager, before beginning his current role in late-2021. 

In this episode, he recaps some of the points within his speech, giving listeners a few tips they can use to get started in modernising their business. 

“I think if you want to make an impact around jobs and skills, and I guess providing really interesting careers for people, then [manufacturing’s] a great vehicle for it.”

Episode guide

1:20 – Current role involved in WPCA’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF), connecting with smaller manufacturers and procuring new equipment for the first building in Bradfield’s city centre.

3:03 – Fox’s presentation at the expo, entitled “Cloud computing and data utilisation opportunities within small manufacturing businesses”.

4:30 – Finding where digital processes could fit within pressure vessel manufacture, with input from a UTS data scientist. 

6:52 – The main barrier to technology adoption in smaller businesses. 

8:01 – Recognising a personal skills gap, plus some thoughts on what educators are currently missing.

9:30 “Not all of us have to get across this, but someone has to. Someone in the business has got to be across the detail, otherwise you’re going to get a black box solution.”

10:54 – How you can get started with cloud computing.

12:35 – Appreciating the bandwidth of jobs attached to manufacturing.

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