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@AuManufacturing Conversations episode 6 — Jess Hodge from Resourceful Living

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In episode six of @AuManufacturing Conversations with Brent Balinski, we speak to Jess Hodge, co-founder at the husband-and-wife led startup Resourceful Living.

Solutions for post-consumer and post-industrial plastic have grown in importance over the last few years, and phased-in Australian waste export bans ramped up again on July 1, with Australians now unable send any waste plastics overseas unless they’ve been suitably processed first.

Resourceful Living gives discarded plastics many more years of usefulness as products including home signage, office furniture and more.

Jess and Geoff Hodge will soon be able to say their compamy has repurposed 10 tonnes of HDPE and LDPE plastics which would otherwise have wound up in landfill.

“What could be your shampoo bottle today could actually be in your coffee table tomorrow” – Jess Hodge, co-founder, Resourceful Living

The Hodges were inspired to start their recycling business by a sunrise walk along a beach on their Thailand honeymoon.

After a bit of saving, they eventually began Resourceful Living in 2021, with an official launch in October.

Their company has been nominated for Outstanding Startup at the upcoming Hunter Manufacturing Awards. You can see more about the awards at this link

Applications for the HMAs are open until August 19, with a gala awards night set for October 22.

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