@AuManufacturing webinar – are you one of Australia’s most innovative manufacturers?

This webinar sets the scene for @AuManufacturing’s quest to identify and celebrate Australia’s 50 most innovative manufacturers. You can enter your company here. By Peter Roberts.

Every Australian manufacturer innovates in one way or another.

It could be in researching and developing new products and services. Or it could be in utilising new materials, production equipment and processes, using data in smarter ways, organising, motivating and developing staff, as well as new business models and through inspirational leadership.

Or it could be all of those things.

This webinar, brought to you by MYOB, SMC Corporation and Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions, explores what it means to be considered innovative.

From a national level we hear from Professor Roy Green, Emeritus Professor at UTS, Sydney, Chair of the Port of Newcastle authority and chair of the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing hub.

And from a company level we hear from two leaders of great Australian manufacturers we have already identified as worthy of the accolade Australia’s most innovative – Matthew Holloway, CEO of Holloway Group, and Peter Torreele, founder and CEO of 3RT.

Watch the webinar below to find out more.

But most of all we want to hear from you and your company – find our criteria for choosing Australia’s most innovative, and our simple entry form HERE – criteria developed with the assistance of innovation specialist Munib Karavdic and his team at Wave Design.


Australia’s 50 Most Innovative Manufacturers is a new campaign by @AuManufacturing. It has been made possible by the generous support of  MYOB, SMC Corporation Australia, and Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions. Be sure to check back at this website for regular updates  including profiles of nominees and other information.



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