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Aurizon to trial battery-electric tender on freight train

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The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has awarded a $9.4 million grant to Aurizon to support the development and trial of a retrofitted 1.8 megawatt-hour battery-electric tender (BET) to power diesel-electric locomotive.

According to a statement from energy minister Chris Bowen on Friday, the country’s largest rail freight hauler will partner with Alta Battery Technology, which will design and construct the BET. 

“Aurizon’s innovative technology is an exciting step in the future of electrification for the transport sector, particularly in the regions,” said Bowen.

Aurizon estimates the BET could eventually provide as much as 50 per cent of the required power on suitable commercial haulage routes. It will be charged with renewable energy to provide energy to the dual-fuel locomotive, according to the statement.

Initial works to take place at Aurizon’s Townsville facility, and, once operational, the BET will be trialled across one of Aurizon’s customer haulage routes.

Aurizon operates over 600 locomotives, and transports approximately 250 million tonnes of commodities nationally.

Picture: credit Aurizon

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