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Aurora Labs achieves high power laser 3D printing

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Metal additive manufacturing producer Aurora Labs (A3D) has successfully completed the third milestone in the technology development pathway of its 3D printers.

The company reported it has achieved 1.5kW laser printing power which is in excess of competitors.

Its RMP-1 Beta prototype achieved reliable printing at that power while maintaining part integrity and quality standards for 316L stainless steel.

“A3D is utilising a unique combination of hardware and software including the upgraded fume extraction system, variable laser focus and scan strategies to achieve effective printing at 1.5kW.

“This power exceeds traditional typical powder bed fusion laser powers of 200-400W and next generation laser power levels of 1kW.

“The result opens the gateway to improved performance and cost reduction for complex parts.”

The milestone follows successful development of print capabilities and upgraded fume extraction.

A3D’s suite of technologies is being developed to move 3D printing into high volume manufacturing according to the company, aiming to develop industrial grade, high productivity, high accuracy 3D metal printers that compete with traditional metal manufacturing on a cost-effective basis.

CEO Peter Snowsill said: “A significant production rate increase without detriment to quality translates directly to cost savings for our customers.

“A3D’s technology has matured to a point where we can identify suitable customer parts for the techniques we are employing, and the benefits are being defined.”

Picture: Aurora Labs

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