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Aurora Labs reveals 1,500w powder bed laser printer

Manufacturing News

Perth metal additive manufacturing company Aurora Labs has revealed details of its first high powered laser powder bed fusion metal 3D printer.

The company told investors that robustness and reliability of its Alpha 2 and Beta prototypes had led to the release of its first printer – the AL250 equipped with a 1,500W laser and aimed at local industrial, defence and research customers.

Aurora said a 12 month timeline for the manufacture and testing of the AL250 was anticipated, with machines available to customers following that.

“The design for manufacture process for AL250 kicked off in January 2023 (and) is firstly focused on the specification of sub-systems, system interfaces and assembly requirements.

“This will feed into detailed design for manufacture to achieve local manufacturing at competitive pricing, required quality and reasonable supply timelines.”

Aurora said the printers would be assembled at its facility in Canning Vale, Perth.

Aurora said the printer would feature a 1,500 W laser, larger than others available in the market and a medium sized build area of 250mm by 250mm.

Aurora said growing engagement with customers of its print services business led to its primary focus on industrial customers.

The company has ramped up marketing efforts to this segment as well as defence and research.

However this is not the first time Aurora Labs has launched a commercially available printer.

Three years ago it claimed the world’s fastest commercially available 3D metal printer – the Rapid Manufacturing Printer 1, however there have been a number of company reorganisations and strategic changes since.

Picture: Aurora Labs

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