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Ausco Modular’s Shenton College building scheduled for Term 3 completion

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Continuing a recent string of modular construction-related announcements by state governments, Western Australia’s premier has visited a facility under construction at Shenton College.

According to a statement from the WA government on Thursday, premier Roger Cook and education minister Dr Tony Buti inspected the $15 million double-storey building, manufactured at Kwinana by Ausco Modular workers. 

It will have capacity for 300 students and ease enrolment pressures.

“Modular buildings are an efficient way of accommodating for growth while minimising disruption to students and staff on the school site,” said Buti.

It follows announcements such as those by the Queensland government on the delivery of prefabricated homes last year, a taskforce appointed by the NSW Government in November on the use of modular housing for social homes, and the awarding of a NSW government contract to the APP Group as manufacturing partner on the Manufacturing for Schools program in February.

According to statement from Cook and Buti, the Shenton College building incorporates “state-of-the-art facilities”, and will include “11 general learning classrooms, a science classroom, staff areas and toilet facilities,” with completion expected “in time for Term 3”.

Term 3 begins July 15.

It also follows an announcement earlier this week by the WA government that Highgate Primary School will also receive a two-storey building to address enrolment growth, budgeted at $12 million and to be made using “similar methods” to the Shenton project.

Cook said the Shenton project was supporting 100 jobs at Kwinana.

“The new modular build will help to minimise any impact on student learning during construction and ease the immediate enrolment pressure at Shenton College,” he added.

Picture: Ausco’s Perth factory (credit Ausco Modular)

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