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Austal’s Titanic MoU takes it to the UK

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Perth shipbuilder Austal has entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Harland & Wolff Group – the Belfast based builders of the famous Titanic – to pursue shipbuilding opportunities in the United Kingdom.

The MOU, signed at the 2023 Indo Pacific Maritime Exposition in Sydney, includes the transfer of technology, skills, and shipyard capabilities required to build the next generation of patrol vessels for the UK for maritime security agencies.

Both parties have identified opportunities in the UK market, including the Border Force vessel replacement programme, and intend to work jointly in a non-exclusive partnership on such opportunities.

Austal is building patrol boats for navies and border protection forces in Perth and in Mobile, Alabama.

Austal Chief Executive Officer Paddy Gregg said the MOU was the first step towards winning new business in the United Kingdom, collaborating with Harland & Wolff in the maritime defence industry.

Gregg said: “Harland & Wolff is an ideal partner for Austal in the pursuit of defence opportunities in the United Kingdom with the facilities, expertise and capabilities to effectively pursue and help deliver new vessels for organisations such as the UK Border Force.

“We look forward to collaborating with Harland Wolff on new opportunities that leverage Austal’s proven leadership in aluminium patrol boat design and construction.”

Group Chief Executive Officer of Harland & Wolff John Wood said “I look forward to working closely with them to build the next generation shipyard capability for aluminium vessels in the UK.”

Picture: Harland & Wolff Group

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